Welcome to Aberdeen Pet Resort. Our staff are knowledgeable about birds, reptiles and amphibians, rabbits and other small, furry animals.

Accommodation at Aberdeen Pet Resort

Our underfloor heated suites have bright décor, single or double beds with duvets.

Each patio area has an extremely large activity area of at least 40 square feet and a chair.

Clean toilet trays are regularly provided throughout the day.

All receptive feline guests are groomed and played with daily.

In addition, our premium guests have scratch posts and activity toys.

Owners can bring their own beds, bedding and toys if so desired.

Cats who normally live together can share. Some runs have intercommunicating doors so that larger groups can be together or separated when required.

We also have special areas and facilities for disabled, nervous or infirm guests. Just ask when booking for these facilities.

We welcome visits to view the facilities. Just pop in anytime between 9:00am and 5:00pm, when our front of house staff are on duty, without appointment as we feel this lets you see us when it is convenient to you and shows you how we operate day to day.

If you care about your pet, don't settle for less, demand the best

Aberdeen Pet Resort, Tillyoch, Culter House Road, Milltimber,
Aberdeen, AB14 0NS
Tel: 01224 733885
Email: reception@aberdeenpetresort.co.uk
Location map: please click here